Mehmet Aydın Baytaş is a designer, engineer, and educator.

Born in Turkey in 1988, Baytaş spent his formative years immersed in computer culture and digital creativity. After attending Robert College in Istanbul, he earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics, as well as a master’s and PhD from the innovative Design, Technology and Society program at Koç University. Following stints as a freelance web designer, e-commerce operations analyst, musician, and DJ, it was at Koç University’s Design Lab and Creative Industries Research Center where he took up computer science as a platform for pushing boundaries of design and technology simultaneously. These experiences, merged with contemporary culture, make up his trans-disciplinary practice today.

Baytaş produces Design Disciplin, a resource and community for design and innovation, publishing an academic-grade podcast, articles, and videos that help thousands of designers and innovators move forward.

He leads aerial robotics innovation at Qualisys, developing motion capture and autonomous drone technologies for engineering and creativity.

In 2021, Baytaş founded his commercial practice as WEATHERLIGHT, leveraging design and computer science through self-initiated projects as well as bespoke collaborations.

In the past he has:

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