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NFT Collection Honoring Important Publications in Computer Science


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Notice: The NFTs are currently under development. If you are interested in updates about this project, you can follow me on Twitter where I will publish details when the project is ready for commercial debut.

Citations is a collection of piece-unique NFTs representing important works in computer science, whose impact has re-shaped our material and cultural world.

Reciprocating to the classical recording system of scholarly publishing, Citations expresses these canonical works on a contemporary recording system: the blockchain.

Citations honors computer science research at large; at the same time, it is intimately connected to my own research. It was inspired and informed by our research on Digital Preciousness and Computational Heirlooms, and feeds back insights to this work that we couldn’t access without personally participating in the ecosystem. Proceeds from the sales of Citations NFTs support my research – including but not limited to costs of software, prototypes, specialist services, and attending research conferences. As such, Citations is an experiment in business model innovation around how we fund and disseminate scholarly research.

Each Citations collectible bears a reference to an important publication in computer science, in full academic citation format; as well as a bespoke illustration based on the visual communication devices (figures, graphs, equations, tables) that appear in the original work. The text and figures are typeset with utmost attention to detail, and properties embedded in the NFT record provide information on the typefaces utilized in the design.

Ethos + Methodology

Business Model Innovation
Research through Design
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