Visual programming for spatial computing




Interaction Design

Hotspotizer is a visual programming tool for mid-air gesture-based user interfaces.

Used with a Kinect sensor, it allows people to design and implement custom full-body gestures without coding. The gestures are mapped to system-wide keyboard commands which can be used to control any application.

Hotspotizer allows everyone -- designers, hobbyists, students... -- to integrate 3D gesture sensing into their projects. Applications include digital arts and design education, ultra-rapid prototyping, gaming, and adapting arbitrary keyboard-controlled software for gesture control.

While open source Hotspotizer app is tailored to work specifically on Windows, with the Microsoft Kinect sensor; the UI design concept "space discretization" can be adapted for many different 3D motion and position sensors like Leap Motion and general-purpose motion capture, as well as to robot path programming.

Selected Results

Channel9 (2014): Today's hot project, Hotspotizer!

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş (2014). End-User Authoring of Mid-Air Gestural Interactions. MA thesis submitted to the Koç University Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities. [Source] [PDF]

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