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for Startups

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The solution

early-stage founders

Web app design for a crypto exchange˝, displayed on laptop

Crypto exchange

Responsive web app for Design Navigator, displayed on tablet

Design Navigator

Designer personality test

Web app design for AI-powered conversation analysis, displayed on laptop

Communications analysis with AI

Responsive web app design for VV.Ventures, displayed on laptop and smartphone


Community showcase

Brand guidelines for SaaS startup

Brand guildelines for SaaS startup

E-commerce website for a beauty startup, displayed on laptop

E-commerce for beauty startup

Website concept for architecture studio

Website for architecture studio

Vision poster for The Point Labs

Vision poster for venture studio

Landing page for an AI startup, displayed on tablet

Landing page for AI startup

Brand identity concept for beauty startup

Brand concept for beauty startup

Responsive web design for Maple, displayed on smartphone

SaaS brand and website

Designed / Built / Advised

MLA | Machine Learning in Athletics
Design Disciplin
The Point Labs

What is this?

Product design & development service for early-stage startups, with a side of brand identity and communication design.

Risk-free solution for:

Product Design
Web App Development
Prototyping and Experiments
Product Analytics
Landing Pages
Company Website
Brand Identity
Communication Graphics

Who is this for?

For early-stage founders who build products in niches including design, engineering, dev tools, AI, SaaS, XR.

Also: VCs, incubators, accelerators, venture studios seeking design expertise for their own brand and portfolio companies

How does it work?

Fast and easy.

You get packets of 40 hours of my time (25% FTE) for a flat monthly retainer.

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Core Expertise

Product Design
& Development

Design and engineering for digital products at the highest level of quality

Hands-on UX design, UI design, and front-end development

Rapid experimentation with prototypes to find product-market fit

Sharing design know-how and best practices with the whole team

Org design and team-building for the growing business

Next.js logo
Tailwind CSS
Web app design for a crypto exchange, displayed on laptop

Crypto exchange

Responsive web app for Design Navigator, displayed on tablet

Design Navigator

Curated resources

Web app design for Coherent, showcased on laptop

AI document analysis

Brand Identity
& Visual Design

0→1 brand creation or next-level visual upgrades to achieve your strategic goals

Brand identity design, optimized for startups

Brand strategy, positioning, articulating your strategic vision

Full-service website design and development

Using visual design as an instrument of strategy and leadership through your decks, website, and more

Framer icon
Adobe CC
Social media for Design Disciplin, displayed on smartphone

Social feed for design publication

Logo guidelines

Logo guidelines

Responsive web design for Maple, displayed on laptop

SaaS brand and website

What Clients Say

Demir from Maple
Holy moly
Hot damn
Wtf did you do man
Premier job
Love every pixel of this

Daniel from Coherent

Looks soooooo goood!
What do you think about:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt.
Perfect, from my perspective you are absolutely crushing it. Your design is top notch and being able to supplement with the front-end code is huge. Very happy with you on the team
Same, I love working with you guys ❤️
We feel the same way, and I am super happy to have you help us think through some of the hardest questions we are facing


Design & Development

from $7,999

Full-stack product engineering, with a side of graphic design

Monthly flat fee.

No contract needed.

Pause or cancel anytime.

  • EU time zone
  • Team integration
  • From 40 hours per month (25% FTE)
  • Continuous communication and strategy


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